How Did Adele Lose Weight?

Adele has made waves in the media recently by losing 30lbs, and naturally a lot of people are wondering how she did it. Adele once said that she didn’t plan to ever lose weight because someone had wisely told her that she makes music to be a musician, not to get onto the cover of Playboy. Since she rose to fame in 2008, though, she has lost a fair amount of weight, and while she’s not willing to put a number on it, the rumours are clear that it’s quite a transformation and she did it using something called the Sirtfood Diet.

The Sirtfood diet relies on plant-based foods. Dieters eat green tea, turmeric, buckwheat, kale, and other similar foods, which activate sirtuins �” these help to trigger the ‘skinny gene’ metabolic pathways so it’s easier for you to lose fat.

The interesting thing about this diet is that you can still enjoy red wine and cheese while you’re on it, so you don’t have to feel deprived; you can end up looking great, too, because sirtuin enzymes can have anti-aging properties.

Jaclyn London, the nutrition director at the Good Housekeeping Institute, says that more and more women are opting to take sirtfoods because of the combination of anti-ageing benefits and weight loss benefits.

The Sirtfood Diet puts an emphasis on plant based foods �” which means that you’ll get the micronutrient benefits of them. You can enjoy lower inflammation, improved immune function, reduced risk of chronic disease, and a generally improved feeling of wellbeing. By loading up on green, leafy vegetables, fish, darker red and purple fruits or vegetables, olive oil, olives, etc, and also eating a lot of seafood, you can enjoy a longer and happier life �” and get slimmer too.

Adele says that in addition to her new healthy-eating regimen, she also followed a fitness plan designed by Pete Geracimo, the trainer who also helped to sculpt the bodies of Kim Cattrall and David Hasselhof. The personal training plan was gruelling, and included weight lifting, cable machines and circuit training, for a full body workout. Adele is not planning on getting down to a size zero, but she did want to be in shape for her forthcoming world tour. She says that she does not really enjoy exercise, and while she does want to be healthy she’s never going to become a fitness fanatic. She says that she was never skipping to the gym and that she doesn’t enjoy it. She does appreciate the results, thought.

A lot of what Adele did was making lifestyle changes. She used to drink ten cups of tea a day with two sugars in each, and now that she has cut that out she has more energy than ever. She says that now that she has lost the weight, she feels more comfortable in her skin, and she likes how she looks. She still has some insecurities, but she does not let them hold her back.

Adele’s lifestyle changes didn’t just include changing what she eats and drinks. She also quit smoking after she started to fear that if she continued on the path she was on, she might die from a smoking related condition.

Lifestyle changes are the key to weight loss, and Adele has proven that. Her personal trainer offered her support and motivation, and gave her a plan that got her stronger, leaner and fitter. The exercise was a great motivational tool, but the real benefits come from cutting out those 20 spoonfuls of sugar a day, and eating a diet that is more nutrient rich.